Mercy Audiology and Hearing Aid Center - Medical Tower A Suite 385

621 S. New Ballas Road, Tower A, Suite 385A
St. Louis, MO 63141

Main Entrance: Medical Tower A - Free valet available

Phone: (314) 251-5850
Fax: (314) 251-5992
Monday-Friday: 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
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Audiology & Hearing Aid Center St. Louis

Mercy audiologists at Mercy Audiology and Hearing Aid Center in St. Louis are committed to providing high quality, comprehensive care for children and adults with hearing loss and balance disorders. Through our personal and individualized care, we ensure each child and adult reaches his or her fullest potential and best quality of life. Working in partnership with our women's services department, pediatrics department and newborn hearing services, our St. Louis audiology clinic has grown to be the third largest pediatric diagnostic and treatment site in Missouri.

We have an office conveniently located in Medical Tower A of Mercy Hospital St. Louis and an audiology and hearing aid clinic in O'Fallon. In addition to these locations, Mercy Audiology has a pediatric suite located in the Tests and Treatments area on the ground floor of Mercy Children's Hospital in St. Louis.

Audiologists at the Mercy Audiology and Hearing Aid Center in St. Louis are certified by the American Speech-Language and Hearing Association and are licensed by the Board of Registration for the Healing Arts in Missouri. You can be assured of receiving quality care. 

Audiology Diagnostic Services

We offer a full range of diagnostic services to help detect hearing impairment and loss in both adults and children. Testing helps determine the type and severity of hearing loss. Several types of testing are offered including the following.

  • Pure Tone Audiometry - determines the threshold at which you can hear by evaluating the softest sounds you can detect.
  • Word Recognition Testing - involves the repetition of single-syllable, phonetically balanced words. The scores for each ear provide information that will help determine the need for more testing or referral. It is also used to see if amplification may be helpful for some patients and to evaluate the success of hearing aid fittings.
  • Testing of the Middle Ear Function - evaluates the middle ear function by measuring its response to air pressure variations and acoustic signals.
  • Otoacoustic Emission Testing (OAE) - evaluates cochlear or inner ear function in infants, children or adults by measuring the ear’s response to sound.
  • Auditory Processing Testing -  diagnoses and provides recommendations to take care of problems in the processing or use of sounds.
  • Auditory Brain Stem Response Testing (ABR) - an objective test that can estimate hearing sensitivity in difficult-to-test patients such as infants. ABR can also assess the neural integrity of the auditory pathway to aid in the differential diagnosis.
  • Electroneuronography (ENOG) Testing - a test of facial nerve function. In cases of facial paralysis, it can be used to obtain prognostic information that can help your doctor determine an appropriate treatment plan.

Hearing Aid Services

A variety of models and types of digital hearing aids as well as custom hearing protection and swim plugs are available at Mercy Audiology. Your audiologist will work with you to determine which hearing aid is right for you. Your audiologist can fit and program cochlear implants and osseointegrated devices. 

Infant and Child Hearing Screenings

Directions To Our Offices

To reach our office in Medical Tower A, park your car in the Medical Tower A and B Garage (which is accessible from Ballas Road) or park on the surface lot across from the valet parking circle. Enter the Medical Tower A building by the valet parking. It will be to your left as you exit the garage. Once inside, walk past the Baggot Street cafe. Take the elevators directly in front of you to the third floor and follow the signs to our office. We are in Suite 385A.

To reach our office in O'Fallon, park in the main lot of the Mercy Medical Building, 300 Winding Woods Drive. We are located on the second floor, in Suite 204A.

To reach the Tests and Treatments area of Mercy Children's Hospital, park in front of the hospital or in the garage near the main entrance. The Tests and Treatments area is located on the ground floor of Mercy Children's Hospital. Go through the main entrance of Mercy Hospital St. Louis. Once inside, you will either take the stairway (on your right) or the Mercy Children's Hospital elevators down to the ground floor.

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