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About Our PCCP

Children with medical complexities and chronic or long-lasting conditions require daily, non-stop monitoring and constant care. This can stress their families and caregivers, and navigating the healthcare system can be confusing. By guiding families through the system, Mercy's PCCP program relieves the stress of figuring out what options are available and how to benefit from them.  

The Pediatric Complex Care Program at Mercy Children's Hospital St. Louis helps facilitate and streamline care for children with chronic medical conditions and their families. We're here to help relieve the stress of coordinating care so you can focus on being a parent. From helping meet your medical equipment needs to assistance with planning appointments, we're an essential point of contact for navigating complex needs.

We work hand in hand with your child's primary care provider to coordinate specialist care and meet any other needs your child or family may have. By guiding families through the health care system and connecting them with a wide range of resources, we help provide children with the most comprehensive care possible... and bring parents and caregivers peace of mind.  

Meet our Nurse Navigators

What makes our program different is our nurse navigators with pediatric backgrounds committed to serving families.

Mercy Kids
Prenatal Nurse Navigators

Mercy’s prenatal nurse navigators are here to help you throughout your motherhood journey.

Becoming a mom is both an exciting and overwhelming time. As mothers themselves, the navigators understand the joys, anxieties, issues and challenges you may be facing as a first-time mom. Our team is here to help you navigate through questions and decisions you may have during pregnancy and the first months of life as a new mom.

Your navigator will provide personalized recommendations and support, building a lasting relationship with you throughout your journey.

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One of your child's providers can refer you to the PCCP. Nurse navigators will be in contact soon to assess your child’s needs and begin creating an individualized care program.

Services we provide include, but are not limited to:

  • Communication among specialists, home care agencies, equipment companies, community resources and caregivers
  • Appointments/referrals
  • Escalation of your concerns directly to providers (PCP or specialty providers)
  • Connecting your family with social services and community resources
  • Availability to meet you at your child's appointments at Mercy Hospital
  • Ensuring your child’s seamless transition to adult providers (including palliative caregivers) at the appropriate age

PCCP services are provided at no cost.

Very often, a chronic or long-term medical condition affects or compromises other systems and requires complex care: the expertise of specialists from different medical disciplines.

Conditions requiring care and monitoring from an entire care team include:

  • Cerebral palsy
  • Technological dependence including gastrostomies (g-button), tracheostomies (trach), oxygen therapy & other devices
  • Developmental disorders
  • Chronic heart & lung disorders
  • Genetic disorders
  • Cystic fibrosis

Your child's complex care team may include both medical and non-medical resources. Specialist expertise Includes:


In addition to specialist care, Mercy's CCP can connect your family with:

  • Behavioral health specialists
  • Counselors and social workers
  • Financial aid resources
  • Community resources, including parent support groups, educational resources, and home care providers
  • Pastoral care
  • Child-life specialists
  • Pain-management support and clinics at one of our local partner health systems

Mercy understands that each child is unique and that kids have different needs at each stage of growth. Mercy pediatricians work to create individualized care and bring the knowledge of specialists in both medical and non-medical fields to your child's care team.  

Mercy pediatricians are board-certified physicians specializing In the unique situations and challenges that pediatric patients present. Like all Mercy care providers, they adhere to the highest ethical standards. They are guided by compassion and the desire to preserve each patient's dignity, one of the core principles of our Mercy mission.   

Pediatric Specialists at Mercy Children's Hospital in St. Louis

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