Cancer Patient Resources

Cancer Support & Resources at Mercy

The words "you have cancer" can be devastating to hear. You may feel angry, sad and helpless. Knowledge of your treatment cancer options, resources and support can empower you and restore a sense of hope. Mercy offers various resources and support for cancer patients and families. 

Cancer Information Center

The John F. Krey III Cancer Information Center is here for you. We bring better health through education, early detection and support for cancer patients. Our team of oncology-certified nurses, a dietician, and an oncology social worker help thousands of people each year. There are many ways our cancer information center can help, including: 

  • Develop questions for patients to discuss with their physicians and assist them in interpreting that information if needed
  • Body, mind and spirit resources
  • Emotional support and crisis intervention
  • Transportation and other resources
  • Wigs, hats and turbans
  • Review of diagnosis and steps to plan of care
  • Nutrition consultation
  • Resources for insurance, disability and financial assistance

To reach the Cancer Information Center, please call 314-251-6400.

Genetic Counseling for Cancer

We help people understand their risk of developing a disease or passing it on to a child. Genetic counseling sometimes helps with decisions about medical treatments. It can help you understand and prepare for the psychological or family impacts of the disease.

Whether genetic testing results are positive or negative, they can be very helpful. A negative test may bring you relief. Positive results allow you to make better-informed decisions about your future, including steps to reduce your cancer risk.

Palliative Cancer Care

Your mind and spirit have equal importance to your body. Palliative care has a patient-centered approach to cancer includes listening to you and your family so we can understand what’s important. We need to understand your goals for further treatment as you live with cancer.

What is Palliative Cancer Care?

Palliative cancer care focuses on managing and/or relieving the underlying symptoms of the disease. This requires a team with many specialists because patients and families require different support at different times during their illness. We work to care for you with dignity and respect for your individuality and wishes. We develop an individualized, complete plan to meet your needs.

Palliative Cancer Care Team

Your palliative cancer care team will include:

  • A physician champion who is palliative-care trained
  • Nurses who work to manage pain and symptoms, resolve medication issues, sit with patients and participate in family meetings
  • Pastoral care to meet the spiritual needs of you and your family
  • Nutrition services staff to create your nutritional plan if you are struggling with calorie intake
  • Pharmacists to manage and advise on medicine and dosing requirements
  • Social workers to provide resources and counseling services
  • Volunteers who bring information and music to patients, sit with them when the family is unable to be present and make follow up calls for them

Breast Navigators

Breast navigators help patients through every step of breast cancer detection and diagnosis. She is a resource for guidance, support, and answers. Cancer patients and families rely on breast navigators for the following:

  • Education, advocacy and guidance to create understanding and make decisions
  • Emotional support
  • Clarifying medical terminology
  • Connecting specialists and resources within Mercy Cancer Services
  • Coordination of appointments at Mercy Breast Centers or with physician specialists