Cancer and Cancer Treatment

Cancer and Cancer Treatment

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Comprehensive Cancer Care 

At Mercy, cancer care is about more than providing clinical treatments. We also offer support services to help you maintain your physical, mental and emotional health.

Mercy’s nationally known, fellowship-trained adult and pediatric cancer specialists care for almost every kind of cancer. We participate in clinical research to bring you the most advanced cancer treatment available. We're harnessing the power of genetic testing, gene-targeting therapies and immunotherapy: activating your body's immune system to fight cancer. We understand that coping with your cancer can be just as important as curing it. To help patients through this process, our comprehensive treatment program includes: 

  • Cancer support groups
  • Mental health services
  • Integrative therapies
  • Cancer rehabilitation and pain management services

Choose Cancer Care at Mercy

Mercy knows the toll that cancer can take on your health and well-being. Our expertise and experience can help you bolster your strength and perseverance so that you can complete your journey as a cancer patient — and embrace being a cancer survivor. For Mercy’s oncology team, caring for cancer patients isn’t just a career. It’s a calling. We’re honored to help people at their most vulnerable. And we’re inspired by our patients’ courage and resilience.

Few events are as life-changing as a diagnosis of cancer. But advances in medicine and technology have helped overcome many cancers once considered fatal. If you or a loved one has recently been diagnosed, know that you’re not facing it alone. Mercy is ready with the best possible treatment and support. We understand the challenges, and we’ve designed our treatment program to support you and your loved ones through every stage of the journey.

We know cancer can take a toll on your health and well-being. But we also know you have a lot to live for. You can rely on Mercy’s expertise and experience. And we’ll count on your strength and perseverance. Together we’ll help you complete your journey as a cancer patient—and embrace being a cancer survivor.

Mercy Research's Oncology Team

Mercy Research has nationally recognized experts who study almost every kind of adult and pediatric cancer to understand and implement the latest treatments and technologies.

Mercy Research works in collaboration with Cancer Research for the Ozarks (CRO). Together, we work to bring cancer research trials and research on cancer care delivery to the communities we serve, including underserved populations. 

Hear from a Cancer Survivor

Mercy Cancer Care

Knowing that others have faced what you’re facing can bring comfort. This brief testimonial video brings you a cancer survivor’s story in her own voice.

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