Cancer Prevention and Screening Services


The earlier cancer is detected, the easier and more effective cancer treatment will be. Mercy offers many types of screening tests to detect and prevent a wide range of cancers, so you can stay active and healthy.

The type of cancer test or tests you need will depend on your symptoms and your risk factors, such as your age, race, gender or family medical history. 

Examples of the diagnostic tests you will find at Mercy include:

Some cancer screening tests -- such as diagnostic imaging like 3D mammography or Low-Dose CT Screening for Lung Cancer -- are non-invasive. Other screening tests are more invasive, such as blood tests or colonoscopies.

With Mercy's experience, expertise and advanced testing tools, you can be assured of getting an accurate diagnosis and the best possible care. Whatever you may need, we’ll keep you comfortable and completely informed throughout each step of the screening process. We'll also make sure that you know and understand your test results.    

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