Any diagnosis of cancer is devastating, but it seems especially heartbreaking for a child. However, the overall outlook for children with cancer has improved greatly over the last half-century. The National Institutes of Health reports a survival rate of more than 80 percent for children diagnosed with cancer before the age of 20.

Your Mercy pediatrician is likely to be the first to suspect a problem. 

From there, your child’s care is in the hands of Mercy’s pediatric oncologists, specialists trained in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer in children, and a support staff that includes social workers, nutritionists and therapists.

Mercy’s specialized cancer centers for children offer therapy rooms that provide a comforting environment for children receiving treatment, as well as relaxing spaces for children and their families to gather, play games or simply be together.

The journey to recovery can be long and difficult, but Mercy’s team of pediatric oncologists and specialists will be with you and your child every step of the way. Cancer doesn’t have to take all the joy from childhood.

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