What to Expect in the ER

When you or a loved one needs ER care, it’s understandable to feel anxious and unsure about what comes next. At Mercy, we want you to feel as comfortable and informed as possible. Here’s what you can expect from a visit to our ER.


Near the ER entrance, you’ll see a registration desk where you can check in and explain the reason for your visit. A registration representative will ask for your photo ID, doctor’s name, contact information and insurance coverage.


Once you’re registered, an ER nurse (triage nurse) will talk with you about your symptoms and medical history. Your vital signs (blood pressure, pulse and temperature) will be checked. We treat the most critically ill and injured patients first, but we’ll make every effort to minimize your wait time in the ER.


Depending on your condition, you’ll be taken to one of our ER treatment areas and cared for by emergency medicine physicians, nurses and other professionals. Your Mercy ER doctor may order tests like blood work or X-rays to learn more about your condition.

Discharge or Inpatient Care

Based on your exam and test results, your Mercy ER doctor will decide whether to release you after treatment in the ER or admit you to the hospital.

Based on your next steps, your ER caregivers will provide instructions for home care, prescription medications (if needed), or hospital admission (if required).

When to Go Where

Convenient/Urgent Care vs. Emergency Room
Your choice for care depends on the symptoms you're experiencing.
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