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Get Expert Orthopedic Care at Mercy

There's a good chance that at some point in your life, you'll have to deal with an injury related to your bones or muscles. Mercy Orthopedics is a specialty service dedicated to treating conditions affecting the musculoskeletal system.

Through our vast network of physicians, subspecialties and award-winning medical facilities, Mercy is committed to properly diagnosing and treating your condition from the moment you come in to see us.

Our experienced doctors and care team can provide relief from a sudden injury or help you manage the symptoms of a long-lasting condition.

Plus, by downloading our free and convenient app, MyMercy, you'll have easy access to your care team all in one place.

Nobody enjoys having to recover from an orthopedic injury. But our team of orthopedic doctors is standing by, ready to help streamline your care and assist you every step of the way. 


A Connected Network of Experienced Doctors

With more than 150 doctors practicing across four states, Mercy is uniquely positioned to provide world-class care to people close to home.

We don't think you should have to travel far to access the latest advancements in medical treatment and technology. That's why we're dedicated to connecting you with physicians and clinics in your area.

Our doctors have completed years of training in their subspecialties and are experienced at treating a wide array of injuries and conditions. They'll approach your individual care with compassion and empathy, listening to all of your questions and concerns before making any diagnosis or offering treatment suggestions.

To take the first step toward your recovery, find a doctor near you right now. 

Mercy's Outstanding Facilities and Technology 

Here at Mercy, our spaces put the patient front and center when it comes to design. We're always improving and outfitting our facilities with the latest technology to diagnose and treat you more effectively.

For example, our new Center for Performance Medicine & Specialty Care in St. Louis is one of the largest outpatient surgery centers in the United States. It features advanced technology throughout the building and provides leading-edge care across multiple specialties.

Your access to care and quality of life are our main priorities as your medical provider, and we want to make sure that your health care experience is as seamless as it is valuable.

To begin your care journey, find a location near you right now. 


Why Choose Mercy? 

If you're dealing with a sudden or long-lasting orthopedic injury, the answer to your problems might not be as simple as you may think. Sometimes back pain can be caused by problems in your feet, or a swelling in the wrist could signal a more widespread condition like arthritis, for example.

Thanks to Mercy's deep array of subspecialties, you can be certain that we'll connect you with the right specialist to address your issue, no matter what ails you. Think of us as your one-stop shop for everything related to orthopedic care and beyond, from initial diagnosis to treatment and recovery. 

Understanding the Musculoskeletal System

Whether you’ve had trouble bouncing back from a sports-related injury or need help managing aches and pains, it may be time to talk to a Mercy orthopedic specialist. An orthopedic physician specializes in treating conditions affecting the musculoskeletal system. Your musculoskeletal system is the network of bones, muscles and tissues that frame your body, allowing it to move. It includes: 

  • Skeleton - supports your body weight and protects your organs
  • Muscles - enable you to move almost every part of your body to perform physical activities  
  • Joints - allow specialized movement where two bones connect, such as your shoulder, hip and knee 
  • Tendons - attach your muscles to your bones
  • Ligaments - attach your bones to other bones
  • Cartilage - covers the ends of many bones, allowing them to glide against each other 

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