Dr. Hargroder Introduces Innovative Acid Reflux Procedure

December 18, 2018

JOPLIN, Missouri - Individuals who suffer from acid-reflux can treat their symptoms in a variety of ways: self-care, medications, or even surgery. But Dr. David Hargroder, a general surgeon with Mercy Hospital Carthage, has introduced a better way to address reflux disease to the Four State area.

When Dr. Hargroder learned about transoral incisionless fundoplication, or TIF, he knew this would be a great option for people seeking to address their chronic acid reflux long term. TIF is a minimally invasive, incisionless procedure that treats gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) and restores the body’s natural protection against reflux.

According to Dr. Hargroder, “With this endoscopic procedure, we can actually go in and treat the root of your problem, not just the symptoms. TIF treats the underlying problem, which is the reflux itself.”

Many people take PPI medication to treat their acid reflux. While proton pump inhibitors can be effective, PPI’s treat the symptoms of reflux, without getting rid of your reflux. These medications, “reduce the acid in your stomach so when the food and liquid in your stomach is refluxing up into your esophagus, you don’t feel it because it does not burn, but you are still having reflux,” Dr. Hargroder said.

The TIF procedure has many advantages that can help you fix your chronic acid reflux. Click on the video below to learn more.

David Hargroder, MD discusses the benefits of the TIF Procedure for Acid Reflux.