Pratt Cancer Center Liver Program

St. Louis Benign & Cancerous Liver Disease Treatment

Mercy's liver program at the Pratt Cancer Center in St. Louis comprises a team of dedicated specialists working together to create care plans tailored to each patient. The team is led by surgeons, interventional oncologists, gastroenterologists and hepatologists, medical and radiation oncologists, diagnostic radiologists, and pathologists. Nurse navigators, nutritionists, social workers, and patient case managers are also important members of the team.

Our Personalized Approach to Cancer Care

Each patient is presented at a multi-disciplinary conference where every specialty plays a role in forming the ultimate treatment plan. Call us to make an appointment at 314-251-6400

Why Choose the Liver Program at the David C. Pratt Cancer Center?

Comprehensive, Individualized Patient Care   

At the Pratt Cancer Center, a full team of specialists evaluates every patient to craft a comprehensive and coordinated strategy. The full team discusses each patient to arrive at a treatment plan. Nurse navigators organize appointments, provide essential education materials and guide patients through every step in the treatment plan.   

Accessible, Convenient Care

Providers see each patient within two business days of the appointment request. They review records and x-rays, any additional labs and radiologic images before the appointment to minimize treatment delays.

Innovative Treatment Options

Mercy’s liver team of specialists in St. Louis employ the most up-to-date advances including:    

  • Minimally invasive (laparoscopic) liver surgery - Benefits of laparoscopic surgery include smaller incisions, less pain and scarring, shorter hospital stay, and faster recovery time after surgery. Close to 20% of liver surgeries fall into this category.
  • Interventional radiologic treatments - Microwave ablation treatments and trans-arterial therapies (including both chemotherapy and radiation) effectively treat liver tumors. These therapies selectively target only the part of the liver harboring the tumor and nothing else. Hence, these treatments are very well tolerated (patients usually go home on the same day) and effective.  
  • Medical oncology treatments - The latest in chemotherapy and immunotherapy including clinical trials.

Liver Conditions We Treat

Learn about the different types of liver conditions we treat at the Pratt Cancer Center along with their symptoms and treatment therapies.

Benign Liver Masses

Primary Liver Cancers:

Metastatic Liver Cancers:

Chronic Liver Diseases

  • Hepatitis B and C infections
  • Alcoholic liver disease
  • Non-alcoholic (fatty) liver disease
  • Cirrhosis and portal hypertension

We also treat liver masses of unknown causes.

Types of Liver Treatment

After diagnosis by our liver specialists, recommended treatment and therapy options form a comprehensive strategy in order to maximize your survival and quality of life. Treatment options we offer for benign and cancerous liver diseases in St. Louis include:

  • Liver, bile duct, and/or gallbladder resection surgery
  • Microwave ablation
  • Transarterial chemotherapy and radiotherapy
  • Interventional gastroenterology
  • External beam radiotherapy
  • Systemic chemotherapy and immunotherapy clinical trials

Pratt Cancer Center Liver Disease & Care Team