Mercy Cancer Center - Jefferson

1350 Highway 61 South
Festus, MO 63028
Fax: (636) 933-0293
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Hours of Operation:
Monday-Friday: 8 a.m. - 4 p.m.
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Mercy Cancer Center – Jefferson offers the latest advancements in cancer treatment for residents of Jefferson County, MO and surrounding communities. Our cancer patients have access to the most current drugs and therapies, clinical trials of experimental pharmaceuticals and cutting-edge diagnostic technologies, all provided with complete compassion for both the patient and family.

Our experienced team of physicians and staff work to bring you a higher level of patient care, including cancer prevention and early detection strategies, education and support services, promising clinical trials and research.


Mercy Raises the Standard for Cancer Care in Jefferson County

Mercy’s Cancer Center is located on the campus of Mercy Hospital Jefferson. Our new facility was designed for the comfort and convenience of our cancer patients with parking right outside the door and an onsite pharmacy. Please take a brief video tour to see all the modern amenities.

Video Tour: see how Mercy's new Cancer Center in Jefferson, MO is designed to provide everything cancer patients and their families need.

Advanced Linear Technology

We’re home to the most advanced linear accelerator in the region, the Versa HD™, and provide the latest radiation, oncology and chemotherapy services. We can treat a variety of tumors, precisely targeting radiation therapy to shorten treatment times and reduce side effects. Learn more.

Nurse Navigator Program

Our Nurse Navigators serve as patient coordinators throughout every step of the detection and diagnosis of cancer. They will guide you, provide answers, listen and care. Patients and their families rely on Nurse Navigators for:

  • Education, advocacy and guidance to create understanding and help make decisions
  • Emotional support for you and your family
  • Explanation of your options and answers to help you make informed decisions
  • Coordination of appointments at the Mercy Imaging Center or with physician specialists
  • Clarification of medical terminology
  • Educational materials
  • Assistance with health insurance questions
  • Financial aid advocacy for underinsured and uninsured women
  • Referrals to other organizations that may provide monetary or emotional assistance

For information, please contact Maggie Lawrence, LPN at (636) 933-8073 or Cindy Brewer, RPN at (636) 933-8354.

Specialized Services

At Mercy Cancer Center - Jefferson you’ll have convenient access to cancer clinics and treatment centers: 

Cancer Care

Oncology Radiation & Infusion

Mercy Radiation Oncology - Jefferson

Mercy Infusion Center - Jefferson

Palliative Care

Mercy Clinic Palliative Care - Jefferson

Cancer Screenings

We recommend cancer screenings to help detect cancer at early stages: mammograms beginning at age 45, colonoscopies at age 50, skin cancer screenings at the first sign of unusual moles or markings on your skin and lung cancer CT screenings if you have been a smoker.

Breast Cancer Screening

The American Cancer Society recommends annual mammograms for women beginning at the age of 45. We offer screening and diagnostic mammograms (including 3D Mammography) with expert follow-up care. Visit our Mercy Breast Center to schedule yours today:

Lung Cancer Screening

Lung cancer symptoms may not show up until an advanced stage. Screening with a low-dose CT (LDCT) can detect lung cancer earlier than ever, which can improve chances of surviving. It’s recommended for people age 55-77 with risk factors for lung cancer.

Sign-up for a Lung Cancer Screening

Learn about the risk factors and we’ll guide you through.

Colon Cancer Screening

The American Cancer Society recommends annual colorectal cancer screening beginning at the age of 45. Mercy primary care doctors and Mercy colon specialists can help determine which screening test is best for you. Colorectal cancer can be hereditary and genetic testing is available.

Learn More About Colon Cancer Screening

Information and nearby providers to help.

Skin Cancer Screening

Regular skin self-exams are the best way to spot changes to moles, freckles and other skin marks between regular medical exams with your primary care doctor. 

Learn More About Skin Cancer Screening

Information and nearby screening providers.

Our Providers

Bhaskara Raghavarao Gadi, MD, Mercy
Oncology, Hematology
Mercy Clinic
Amanda Jane Hansen, FNP, Mercy
Hematology, Oncology
Mercy Clinic
Syed Zia Ul Huq, MD, Mercy
Oncology, Hematology
Mercy Clinic
Timothy R. O'Leary, MD, Mercy
Radiation Oncology
Craig Stephen Siegel, MD, Mercy
Oncology, Hematology
Mercy Clinic