Sister Michael Marie Flannery Maternity Welcome Center

Every day is Labor Day at the Sister Michael Marie Flannery Maternity Welcome Center! We are located just inside the main entrance to Mercy Hospital, on the right side of the main lobby. The Maternity Welcome Center offers quick, easy access and convenient check-in for expectant parents.

All expectant moms start their birth experience here. We’re here for you 24/7 – whether you’re in labor, think you might be, or have a pregnancy concern that requires prompt medical attention.This includes women who are scheduled for a labor induction or cesarian birth. Please bring a photo ID and your insurance card along for verification.

You'll meet your nurse in the Interview Room, located inside the Maternity Welcome Center. You'll talk about how your labor is progressing, and if you’ve completed a personal birthing plan, you may discuss it with your nurse at this time.

If an exam is needed, you may be moved to the OB Triage area. If you’re in labor, we’ll keep a close eye on your progress here until it’s time to move to the Labor and Birth Suites.

We have a limited number of maternity parking spaces available in the garage next to the main entrance. Partners may want to pull into the circle drive and assist the expectant mom inside before parking your car.

Helpful Maternity Phone Numbers

Maternity Welcome Center: 314-251-6092     

Mercy Low-Risk Birthing Center: 314-251-7955

Breastfeeding Information Line: 314-251-6781

Outpatient Lactation Counseling Services: 314-251-6781

Breast Pump Rental & Purchase: 314-251-7444, press #2

Childbirth Hospital Preregistration: 314-364-4646

Fetal Care Team: 314-251-3300

Women's Education: 314-961-2229

Other Helpful Mercy Resources:

Mercy Behavioral Health: 314-251-6565

Mercy Children's Hospital: 314-251-6000

Patient Information: 314-251-6781

Physician Referral:

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