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If you are expecting - and particularly if this is your first child – you’re likely feeling a mix of emotions: excitement, joy, gratitude, and maybe a touch of anxiety. After all, giving birth is a life-changing moment, and you want only the best for your baby. Rest assured that Mercy will be there every step of the way, caring for you throughout childbirth and helping you with the knowledge and skills you need to give your little one the healthiest start possible.

At Mercy, we consider it a privilege to be a part of this special time. Our labor and delivery services at all of our childbirth centers let you and your family fully embrace the amazing giving birth experience in warm, comfortable surroundings.

Your Birth Plan

Your baby’s birth is an amazing experience. By creating a birth plan, you can help shape that experience to meet your needs and preferences. A birth plan is a written guide that outlines your labor and delivery preferences, such as the type of delivery you want and pain management options like epidural anesthesia or natural birth. You can also include who may be present at birth, what kind of music is playing during delivery, and more. Your Mercy delivery team will make every effort to accommodate your plan.

Labor & Delivery

The spacious, private labor/delivery rooms at all of our birth centers provide a comfortable, safe and supportive birthing environment. From the moment you arrive, Mercy's experienced registered nurses monitor your progress while delivering high-touch, high-tech care in soothing surroundings. Whether you have a vaginal birthCesarean section or vaginal birth after Cesarean (VBAC), we’ll be there to support you. Should you require any specialists during labor or delivery, we’ll coordinate your care and make sure you’re in expert hands.


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