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Every child’s journey from birth to adulthood is individual. Every parent wants that journey to be a healthy one. Sometimes, that means the journey includes routine care that every child needs, such as a wellness exam or treating an ear infection. Sometimes, the journey requires more specialized care, such as correcting a birth defect or treating cancer.

At Mercy, children’s care involves more than just doctors for children, more than a hospital treating children. Mercy Kids is our way of caring for children's health and well-being, marked with personalized and comprehensive services from conception to graduation. The pediatricians and pediatric specialists who practice at Mercy offer exceptional medical knowledge and clinical skills for children in a caring, compassionate environment.

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We're here when and where you need us, with more than 800 physicians and care teams, two children's hospitals, pediatric ER, pediatric clinics, urgent and convenient care locations and telemedicine services to keep you close to home.

Our pediatricians and children's specialists partner with parents to help your children grow healthy, stay healthy and get healthy - physically, mentally and emotionally.


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