Injury and Wound Care FAQs

Any injury or wound can cause significant distress, both physical and emotional, to any person. Proper treatment and care for your wound will determine how fast it heals and how quickly you can return to your normal routine and activities.  

What types of wound care are available?

There are many types of advanced techniques used to treat and care for wounds. One of the more successful treatment options is hyperbaric oxygen therapy, which involves breathing pure oxygen. Mercy also offers physical and occupational therapy to assist with wound care. 

What is a traumatic injury?

A traumatic injury is usually caused by a life-threatening event, such as a severe car accident, bad fall or gunshot wound. Mercy has traumatic injury specialists trained to deal with these kinds of injuries at dedicated trauma care centers. 

What is a trauma system?

A trauma system is the combined effort of the medical professionals in one area to deliver care to any injured patient at any time. It ensures that safe care is given to any person needing it in times of crisis or distress. 

What is a wound vac?

A wound vac, also known as a vacuum-assisted closure of a wound, is a type of treatment that helps wounds heal faster. It removes air pressure from the surface of our bodies, which pulls fluid away from a wound over time.  

Wound Care

Mercy has wound care specialists across most of our communities. 

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