Affiliations and Operational Support

Affiliations & Operational Support

Mercy Aligns with Bio-Optronics to Centralize Research Operations by Utilizing Clinical Conductor CTMS 

Bio-Optronics and Mercy Research teams worked closely over the past year to further clinical research operations across Mercy by using Clinical Conductor Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS). Clinical Conductor is used at multiple locations at Mercy Research, with central reporting and oversight. The ultimate goal for Mercy Research is to have Clinical Conductor store all data related to clinical research operations.

The Mercy Research team works alongside the Bio-Optronics team to automate physician compensation and optimize the use of patient recruitment tools within the CTMS. Now, as Mercy Research recruiters learn of interesting subjects, they log their information into a HIPAA-compliant recruitment module within Clinical Conductor, providing a robust database to pull from as studies arise. This makes it easier to locate and select a list of potential patients who can be prescreened and screened as soon as possible.

As this partnership continues, both Bio-Optronics and Mercy Research are aligned on developing streamlined business processes that maximize efficiency for clinical researchers, reduce study timelines and increase care quality for all study participants.

About Bio-Optronics:  Bio-Optronics is a leading software and services company that creates user-focused applications for health care organizations that positively impact business performance. With applications focused on clinical research, automated resource utilization and patient safety, Bio-Optronics software is used by thousands of health care organizations worldwide to simplify complex business processes and enhance overall quality and efficiency.

Mercy Aligns with Epic to Expand the Capabilities of the Epic Research Module 

The Mercy Epic team continues to upgrade the user experience and increase billing compliance for research users with the Epic Research Module. The EPIC 2018 upgrade brought new functionality and innovation, such as MyMercy being integrated into the Epic Research module. This integration provided another avenue for Mercy Research to recruit research subjects for possible participation in research studies. Patients can now search MyMercy for areas of research interest and indicate if they are interested in being contacted for possible inclusion. The upgrade also added a feature to distinguish between Client Records and Research Studies Records in Epic. This aids in increased billing compliance.

The Mercy Epic team in partnership with Mercy Research will determine goals and initiatives with the highest level of innovation and reliability in mind. This includes software updates of the Epic Research Module and the overall Epic Module, which are planned quarterly for the calendar year 2019.

Mercy’s Epic team, along with Mercy Research, is dedicated to implementing the latest upgrades while remaining current in all areas. Continuous strides are made to continue to secure patient data, ensure patient safety, maintain research billing compliance and enhance the Epic Module with new functionality for overall better user experience from a clinical, billing and reporting standpoint. Mercy Research and the Mercy Epic team will continue to achieve their goal of using Epic and its functionality to better serve our patients, providers and staff.

Mercy Aligns with Guardian Research Network to Support Oncology Research

Guardian Research Network (GRN) harnesses the power of big data to aggregate hundreds of thousands of cancer patients’ electronic medical records from multiple integrated community health systems into a single, searchable database, resulting in actionable data. GRN’s objectives include:

  • Identifying the right patients at the right time for clinical trials placed at GRN member sites while shortening enrollment timelines
  • Relieving GRN members’ clinical trial office burdens by centralizing some study startup activities
  • Collaborating with the industry on its development activities through robust data analytics, which facilitates better study design

The collaboration between GRN and Mercy Research has resulted in significant added value including:

  • 8 studies opened to date with over 600 patients enrolled
  • 8 studies opened in up to 5 locations per study
  • 81 patients matched to GRN therapeutic protocols and referred by GRN for PI consideration as research subjects
  • A collaborative effort with Mercy to develop GRN Discovery™, a self-service chart query tool Mercy staff can use to identify patients for non-GRN trials

Mercy Aligns with Western IRB, Adds Efficiencies to Clinical Research 

Western IRB (WIRB) continues to operate as the preferred IRB for industry-sponsored clinical research studies conducted at Mercy Research. Recognized as the gold standard of ethical and regulatory review, WIRB pioneered the concept of independent oversight in 1968, and partners with more than 2,800 institutions, including 215 universities and academic medical centers, as well as many leading hospitals and health care systems in North America.

With 11 AAHRPP-accredited review panels that each meet twice weekly, WIRB has assisted in reducing IRB review turnaround time, enabling investigators to begin enrolling participants in clinical research studies more quickly. As of May 2019, WIRB has acted as the IRB of record for Mercy in the review of approximately 250 industry-sponsored studies.

The relationship with WIRB and its parent company WIRB-Copernicus Group (WCG) affords Mercy a variety of benefits, including:

  • Allows Mercy IRB staff to focus on the review of internal, investigator-initiated and non-sponsored research
  • Accelerates turnaround times for IRB submission and review by employing custom processes and procedures that increase accountability and open communication channels on both sides
  • Positions Mercy as a leading clinical research institution among research sponsors seeking investigators for trials in all therapeutic areas, including oncology, cardiology and neurology
  • Provides access to Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC) administration for any human gene therapy research trials
  • Allows use of the IRBNet electronic platform, which supports the efficient management of institutional research for both industry-sponsored and investigator-initiated research

Mercy Aligns with PFS Clinical to Add Efficiencies to Clinical Research 

PFS Clinical continued to work closely with Mercy Research in 2019 to support the optimization of financial, compliance and administrative tasks. This included the ongoing completion of coverage analysis, clinical trial budgeting and CTMS study builds for new trials opening at Mercy Research. With the integration of Mercy Hospital South, PFS Clinical expanded this work to successfully onboard the additional volume into the existing workload from all other Mercy regions.

On the post-award side, PFS Clinical supported a significant project focused on research revenue aging reports. Through the combined efforts of PFS Clinical and Mercy Research, all studies were fully reconciled in order to give leadership additional insight into the overall financial performance of Mercy Research.

To help Mercy Research maintain a compliant billing process, PFS Clinical continued to monitor research claims and support the optimization of the billing process. PFS Clinical uses the tools available in Epic and Clinical Conductor to review research claims before they are billed to payors. This process ensures Mercy Research is following applicable guidelines specific to research billing and prevents patients from dealing with the added stress of receiving bills they were not expecting.

Looking forward to 2020, PFS Clinical will continue to strengthen its partnership with Mercy Research in many of the areas mentioned above. Additionally, PFS Clinical will help train the Mercy Research team in order to expand their internal capabilities and expertise.

Mercy Aligns with PatientWise to Enhance Marketing

PatientWise assists Mercy Research with patient recruitment advertising on various enrolling clinical trials. Using customized imagery and language, PatientWise tailors each study campaign to the specific patient demographics that Mercy Research is recruiting. PatientWise has helped Mercy Research recruit for indications such as gastroesophageal reflux disease, episodic migraines and peripheral arterial disease.

In addition, PatientWise helps Mercy Research produce and optimize our annual report, enabling us to share an aesthetic and comprehensive report with those in the communities Mercy serves.

As this partnership continues, PatientWise and Mercy Research are dedicated to streamlining recruitment processes and maximizing marketing dollars to enroll patients in clinical trials faster and more efficiently.

About PatientWise:  PatientWise is a full-service patient recruitment and marketing agency dedicated to the healthcare industry. Specializing in corporate marketing and branding as well as patient recruitment advertising, PatientWise supports institutions conducting clinical research across the nation.