Health Informatics

Expanding the Reach of Research

Health Informatics and the use of Real-World Data/Evidence (RWD/E) to support medical device innovation and post-market safety surveillance is especially important as health care is digitized.

Examples of RWD sources include electronic health records, supply chain systems and patient-reported outcomes. RWD provide a cost-effective means to support and potentially replace some expensive clinical trials and ultimately reduce the cost of medical device innovation. These real-time data have also proven to be effective at flagging device safety events. In combination, safer and less expensive medical devices should contribute to lower health care costs.

Mercy Research is a national leader in using RWD and using Unique Device Identifiers (UDIs) to link patient outcomes to specific medical devices.

Under the guidance of Dr. Joe Drozda, Mercy Research Director of Outcomes Research, and with support from Mercy Technology Services and Mercy’s supply chain co-workers, Mercy captures UDIs at many critical service locations and directly incorporates UDIs into our patients’ electronic health records.

Combining device data and RWD has opened the door for studying outcomes in large, diverse patient populations that can’t be supported through typical clinical trials.