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Sports Medicine

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Whether you’re an elite athlete, a high school football player or a cycling enthusiast, you want to stay in top physical shape. And while your chosen activities help you stay fit and strong, they also increase your risk of injuries.

If you’ve ever missed a season or a marathon because of a torn tendon, broken bone or sprained ankle, you know recovery is frustrating ­– but necessary. Without appropriate treatment and rehabilitation, your injury may not heal properly.

Sports Medicine Services

Whether you need surgery to repair your rotator cuff or physical therapy to regain range of motion, Mercy’s sports medicine team can help. Our sports medicine doctors, orthopedic surgeons and physical therapists provide more than just medical care. We’ll also coach and cheer you on until you’re ready to get back in the game. Our areas of expertise include:

  • Tendon disorders ranging from tendonitis and rotator cuff injuries to Achilles tendon tears
  • Meniscus tears
  • Medical conditions and deformities such as arthritisbursitis, collapsed arches, heel spurs, plantar fasciitis and shin splints
  • Concussion management

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Mercy is the sports medicine provider of choice for numerous universities and high schools, as well as active people from all walks of life. We work with track stars aiming for peak performance and amateur runners training for 5Ks. We help people with injuries speed up their recovery, and people with disabilities discover new strengths and abilities.

Our team also provides coordination and communication among everyone who has a stake in your recovery. We’ll work with your school’s athletic trainer or send updates to your primary care doctor. And our electronic medical record lets us easily refer you for specialty care – while monitoring your progress in real-time.

Don’t let an injury hold you back from your favorite sports and leisure activities. With your motivation and our medical support, you’ll be back on the turf, trails or treadmill in no time.

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