Mercy Co-workers Have a New Look

March 10, 2014

Mercy Hospital Ada co-workers

show offtheir new look.

If you’ve visited Mercy Hospital or a Mercy Clinic in Ada since January 1, you might have noticed something new. Mercy Ada co-workers rolled out M-Wear, Mercy’s apparel program, at the beginning of this year.

“Our team was very excited about implementing M-Wear in Ada,” says Katrina Godfrey, director of human resources at Mercy Hospital Ada. “Mercy implemented M-Wear ministry wide in the spring of 2013 to create an environment in hospitals and clinics where patients and visitors feel comforted, calm, secure and confident in the Mercy co-workers taking care of them. We have been very pleased with our transition to M-Wear and have had a positive response from patients, visitors and co-workers.”

Mercy implemented an apparel program after the extensive research of the Mercy Experience Team – a group of Mercy co-workers who coordinate advisory groups, one-on-one interviews and other research so Mercy decisions are made with the voice of the patient, the co-worker and the community in mind. The Mercy Experience team is devoted to researching then creating environments, processes and a culture that make Mercy patients feel more comfortable whether they’re in El Reno, Marietta, Ada or Oklahoma City.

After months of focus group studies, photo shoots, presentations and start-overs, Mercy chose scrubs with a base color of black, accented by vibrant colors of the Mercy logo which each co-worker chooses for him or herself.

Mercy provided all existing co-workers with an allowance to establish their new work wardrobe. Additional sets of scrubs are purchased by co-workers, just as non-uniform scrubs were previously purchased. The Mercy scrubs are available for co-workers to purchase at 25 percent less than retail prices for the same brand scrubs.

“Our new apparel reflects that we are a team,” says Amanda Moore, interim chief nursing officer at Mercy Hospital Ada. “We look professional and our focus remains on patient care.”

Oklahoma co-workers were the first of Mercy’s 40,000 co-workers to launch M-Wear last year. In the spring of 2013, each clinic and hospital in Oklahoma incorporated the uniforms, followed by co-workers in Arkansas, Kansas and Missouri. 

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