Mercy Ada Adds Congestive Heart Failure Services Aimed at Reducing Admissions and Improving Care

June 4, 2024

The cardiology team at Mercy Hospital Ada is again expanding the heart care it provides by adding new congestive heart failure (CHF) services. In the last year, the team has moved to improve patient care in the region by opening new cardiopulmonary rehabilitation and cardiology clinics, and adding coronary calcium scans to help better screen patients.

According to the Heart Failure Society of America, more than six million people in the United States currently have CHF, a condition where the heart is not supplying blood effectively enough to meet the body’s needs. The heart hasn’t stopped or failed completely, but it can’t keep up enough blood supply, negatively affecting the rest of the body.

Mercy doctor's coat Julie Giovan, APRN-CNP

“Many people in our area struggle with congestive heart failure and its side effects,” said Julie Giovan, nurse practitioner with Mercy Clinic Cardiology in Ada. “These patients benefit most when they have consistent support and monitoring from someone trained in this area, and that care is best offered locally.” 

Giovan recently joined Mercy and will lead the cardiology team’s efforts for patients with CHF. Currently, many patients with congestive heart failure travel out of town to receive regular treatment or go to the emergency room for assistance. With the addition of these new services, care teams will be able to better manage fluid retention and other complications more consistently, reducing readmission rates to the hospital. 

“There are a lot of interventions that patients can start now that will help improve or reduce their symptoms, and seeking treatment regularly is a big part of getting started on the right path,” Giovan said. “Catching the disease early can make a big difference in preventing further heart muscle damage and improving quality of life. Our hope is that providing these services will allow us to follow patients more closely and reduce their need for emergency room or hospital admission.”

Patients can receive the new CHF services at Mercy Clinic Cardiology - Ada and can make an appointment by calling (580) 421-9574.