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Mercy Research continues to promote outcome-based research and innovation to improve the well-being of our patients and future generations. Learn about the progress being made possible through Mercy Research studies:   

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Premium Intraocular Lens Laser Cataract Surgery

"We could not have been there for this patient and his family without our research work and many years of perfecting. Many of the advances in cataract surgery that are seen in this video were because of intensive research efforts here and throughout the world. In the end all the hard work that research has done allowed us to provide the care for this young man.” – Shachar Tauber, M.D.

Local Access To Cancer Research

Mercy Health Foundation

Samir Dalia, MD Oncologist at Mercy Hospital Joplin discusses the importance of local cancer research

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Researcher Spotlight

Congratulations to Mercy's 2021 Research Award Recipients

Mercy Research recently announced the six Researcher Award recipients for 2021. Mercy Research is proud to support and honor these researchers for all their contributions to improving patient lives at Mercy through research.

2021 Researcher of the Year

Dr. Paul Hansen, St. Louis - South

The Researcher of the Year award is presented annually to recognize a Mercy researcher who is dedicated to research, who is an innovative thinker with a bias for action and who recognizes research as a vehicle to improve patient care at Mercy.

2021 Career Achievement in Research Award

Dr. Bethany Sleckman, St. Louis

Dr. Shachar Tauber, Springfield

The Career Achievement in Research Award is presented every five years to individuals who embody research excellence through their talent, knowledge, and expertise in their field while advancing Mercy’s mission.

2021 Research Emeritus Award

Dr. Jo Bonner, St. Louis

Dr. Joseph Drozda, St. Louis

Dr. Benjamin Lampert, Springfield

Mercy Research honors these research investigators at their retirement from Mercy for their outstanding lifetime contributions through the integration of their research and practice to advance the knowledge of their field with notable impact on Mercy and its patients.  


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