Mercy Leadership Evolution Deepens Investment in Ozarks Region

April 5, 2024

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. - Two key Mercy leaders are taking on new roles to strengthen Mercy’s commitment to the southwest Missouri region and its growing patient population.

David Argueta, president of Mercy Springfield Communities, was promoted to regional president of Mercy Southwest Missouri Communities, and John Myers, chief operating officer for Mercy Springfield Communities, stepped into Argueta’s previous role of community president.  

The two promotions are part of Mercy’s larger strategic growth plan as it positions itself to care for a growing population that may soon include Pittsburg, Kansas (Mercy plans to finalize the transaction with Ascension’s Via Christi Hospital this summer). To meet the needs of a diverse patient population, Mercy tapped Argueta to provide strategic guidance for a regional approach.

Mercy doctor's coat John Myers is the new president of Mercy Springfield Communities

“Mercy’s presence in the Ozarks is significant,” Argueta said. “Southwest Missouri is a large and important region for Mercy. It includes patients across 27,000 square miles and more than 200 sites of care. Creating a regional approach allows us to lead all facilities in the region in a coordinated manner and deepen existing services while we also grow into communities such as Pittsburg, Kansas.” 

In his new role, Argueta will spend time understanding the community needs across the region, while also investing in leadership development across southwest Missouri.

“We have exceptionally talented leaders, and this regional approach allows us to think broadly about how we are able to make more of an impact through leadership development and focus,” Argueta said. “John Myers is a great example of someone who has tremendous vision and leadership, and I’m excited to work with him as he leads Mercy Springfield Communities and strengthens leadership across the entire region.”

Mercy’s Southwest Missouri Communities includes a diverse mix of rural and urban settings, which is one reason why Myers said the area has unique needs when it comes to health care. 

Myers joined Mercy in 2022 as chief operating officer in Springfield. He brings more than 20 years of experience in health care operations and clinical services leadership, and before joining Mercy, he served as chief operating officer at Research Medical Center in Kansas City. His experience with health care operations in the Midwest prepared him for his work with Mercy, and Myers said there’s something unique about southwest Missouri.

“I’ve worked in various health care systems, and I’ve seen firsthand how this region is different,” Myers said. “We have a large surrounding rural patient population that is growing instead of shrinking, and we have tourists who come to this part of the state and sometimes require critical care services. We have a diverse economy and a booming educational sector with its own needs, and we serve not just Springfield and Joplin but patients in Kansas, Arkansas and Oklahoma. This is a hub for medical care for thousands of patients, and we keep growing. I’m honored and excited to be part of that growth and to help Mercy meet the changing needs of the patients who rely on us here in Springfield and beyond throughout the larger region.”