Mother Baby Intensive Outpatient Program

It is estimated that over 20% of women experience major or minor symptoms of depression following childbirth. A time that is supposed to be joyous can be negatively affected by mood swings, sadness and a feeling of being overwhelmed. Moms need to know that they don’t have to handle these symptoms alone – experiencing compassion and nurturing care empowers moms to be able to turn around provide that same compassionate, nurturing care to their infant.

The mother baby intensive outpatient program is a short-term plan for women experiencing significant symptoms of perinatal mood disorders and postpartum depression. A multidisciplinary team of psychiatrist, RN, licensed clinician, case manager and volunteers provide therapeutic help to moms three days/week. We encourage you to bring your infants and our volunteers will be able to assist with infant care during your time with us.

Program Features

This program is intended for women ae 18 and older, during pregnancy and during the postpartum period after giving birth. Program features include:

  • Psychotherapy services
  • Psychiatric evaluation and management
  • Education on self-care
  • Mother/baby bonding
  • Lactation consultation and support
  • Infant soothing
  • Personal insight
  • Coping strategies

Referrals to the program can be made by any doctor, family member, friend or community partner. Moms can also choose to self-refer. Admission into the program is determined on a case-by-case basis.

For more information, please contact our Intake Office at 314-251-6500. If you’re calling after hours, call 314-251-6565.

Mercy accepts most insurance plans for behavioral health. Co-pays and deductibles may vary. Patients should check with their insurance to verify coverage.

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